Crochet Cat Toy Taco, Cheeseburger, Drink Combo Meal

This is was a fun little project that I made to sell in my Etsy shop.  I really love to crochet quick little things and my cat toys had been popular so I whipped these up in an afternoon.  The taco was a pattern from Kristen Stevenson on  She has some cute free patterns and I just happened across this one.  It is very easy for beginners as well.  I was able to make it in under one hour.

The cheeseburger is from Melissa Trenado on  She has some really cute free and paid patterns that I’m sure you will love.  The cheeseburger was quick and easy so I was able to whip that up in about an hour as well.  You could also add a tomato slice and lettuce if you were feeling extra creative.

Crochet Cheeseburger

The drink was my own creation.  I just used some of the same techniques for making the other two items and then I improvised.  I also created a straw.

Crochet Drink with straw

Below is the pattern I created:

Using White yarn of your choice:

  • Round 1 – Crochet 2 single stitches and then do 5 single crochet in the 2nd stitch from the hook
  • Round 2 – Double crochet in each stitch around (be sure to mark the first stitch).  You should have 10 stitches.
  • Round 3 – Single crochet in first stitch (be sure to mark the first stitch with stitch marker), double crochet in next stitch and then repeat that pattern all around
  • Round 4 – Single crochet in the first 2 stitches(be sure to mark the first stitch with stitch marker), double crochet in next stitch and repeat all the way around
  • Round 5 – I started to make the cylinder shape at this point.  To make the cylinder shape, just do a single crochet in the back loops only all the way around (be sure to mark your first stitch).  At the first stitch, join with a slip stitch.
    • My cup is on the small side (1.25″ wide by 1.25″ tall not including straw) but if you want your cup to be bigger then you could continue to make a couple more rows with increases.  For example, your 5th row would be Single crochet in first 3 stitches and then double crochet and repeat all around.
  • Round 6 – 10, single crochet in both stitches all the way around and join the first stitch of each row with a slip stitch
  • Round 11 – Using the front stitch only, single crochet in first 2 stitches, decrease (single crochet two together) and repeat all the way around. (this is a good time to start stuffing using polyfill).
  • Round 12 – Using both stitches, single crochet in first stitch, decrease (single crochet 2 together) and repeat all the way around (stuff some more until you feel it is good and sturdy)
  • Round 13 – Using both stitches, decrease all the way around (single crochet 2 together).  You should have a little room or a hole in the middle for inserting the straw.

Using Red or desired color for straw:

  • Chain 15 (or desired length of your straw)
  • Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, do a double crochet back to the beginning.
  • Fold stitches in half length wise.  Using your yarn needle, do a whip stitch (from the starting stitch to the end) to give it some bulk.  At the end you can insert your your needle into the 2nd or 3rd stitch from the end and give a gentle pull to make the straw “bend”.
  • Insert your straw into the hole in the top of the cup and using a yarn needle, stitch to secure into place.
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